Year Production Role Director
2013/14 SACRED ELEPHANT (Solo) ‘The Other’ Geoffrey Hyland
2012 EXTRAVAGANZA! EmCee & Lead Guitarist Megan Wilson
2009 I AM MY OWN WIFE (SOLO) Charlotte Von Mahlsdorff Janice Honeyman
2008-9 THE TEMPEST ( R.S.C.) King Alonso Janice Honeyman
2008 THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Shylock Roy Sargeant
2007 DOUBT Father Flynn Janice Honeyman
2006 BETRAYAL Jerry Lara Foot Newton
2006 AMADEUS Emperor Joseph II Lara Foot Newton
2006 TWELFTH NIGHT Malvolio Geoffrey Hyland
2004 THE DICE HOUSE Dr Drabble Graeme Messer
2001 STONES IN HIS POCKETS Charlie Conlon Marilyn van Reenen
2001 THE LADY IN THE VAN Rufus Rachel Kavanagh
2000 PASSING PLACES Serge & Diesel & Tom Dominic Hill
1998-9 THE LAST THRASH John Cattley Dominic Hill
1998-9 THE WAY OF THE WORLD Mirabell Sam Walters
1998-9 COURT IN THE ACT Sergeant Poche Sam Walters
1998-9 LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT Cody Dominic Hill
1998-9 THE HOUSE AMONG THE STARS Josaphat Dominic Hill
1998-9 THE CASSILIS ENGAGEMENT Major Warrington Auriol Smith
1998-9 SPERM WARS Matt Sam Walters
1998 SHADOW OF DOUBT Don Auriol Smith
1994 THE FAN Douglas Breen Mark Graham
1992 I WAS KING   (SOLO) HRH, the Duke of Windsor Mark Graham
1992 THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Frank n Furter Chris Malcolm
1989-90 M.BUTTERFLY Song Liling Robert Whitehead
1989 AS YOU LIKE IT Orlando Francois Swart
1989 THE ARTICHOKE Gibson McFarland Terrence Shank
1988-9 SARCOPHAGUS Bessmertny Terrence Shank
1985-6 EQUUS Alan Strang Robert Whitehead
1985 THE BACCHAE Pentheus Macolm Purkey
1983 ANOTHER COUNTRY Barclay Nicolas Simmonds
1983 BURIED CHILD Vince Lucille Gillwald
1980 COWBOY MOUTH Slim (& Original music) Charles Comyn
1979 MACBETH Donalbain Francois Swart
…many other productions


Year Award Role Production
2013 Fleur Du Cap (Nom.) : Best Actor as ‘The Other’ “SACRED ELEPHANT”
2013 Fleur Du Cap(Nom.) : Best SOLO Performance as ‘The Other’ “SACRED ELEPHANT”
2012 FILM: S.A.F.T.A (Nom.) Best Actor Alan Reilly RETRIBUTION
2010 Fleur Du Cap : Best Actor Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf I Am My Own Wife
2010 Fleur Du Cap: Best Solo Performance Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf I Am My Own Wife
2009 Fleur Du Cap: Best Actor Shylock The Merchant Of Venice
2008 Naledi Award:(Nom.) Best Actor Father Flynn Doubt
2008 Fleur Du Cap: (Nom.) Best Actor Father Flynn Doubt
2007 Fleur Du Cap: (Nom.) Best Actor Malvolio Twelfth Night
2001 FILM: Ashanti Award:(Nom.) Best Actor Charl Angels in a Cage
1995 FILM: M-Net African Film Award : Best Supporting Actor The Pictureman The Mangler
1994 Fleur du Cap :Best Actor H.R.H Duke of Windsor I was King
1993 IGI Vita :Actor of the Year H.R.H Duke of Windsor I was King
1993 IGI Vita :Best Actor H.R.H Duke of Windsor I was King
1993 IGI Vita (Best Musical) Frank n’ Furter The Rocky Horror Show
1990 AA/Life Vita: Best Actor Song Liling M.Butterfly
1989 Fleur du Cap: Best Actor Bessmertny Sarcophagus
1989 AA/Life Vita: Actor of the Year Bessmertny Sarcophagus
1989 Dalro Awards (Nom.) Best Comedy Performance Gibson McFarland Artichoke
1988 Dalro Awards (Nom). Best Performance Bessmertny Sarcophagus
1988 AA/Life Vita: Best Actor Bessmertny Sarcophagus
1988 Artes TV Award: Best Language Dubbing August Strindberg Strindberg – A Life
1987 AA/Vita (Nom.) Best Supporting Actor Peter Whetworth The Common Pursuit
1986 AA/Vita: (Nom.) Best Actor The Boys Next Door
1985 AA/Vita: Best Production Alan Strang Equus
1978 UNP Art Award of the Year : Original Rock Theatre Show Written, Directed & Performed by Jeremy Crutchley Bloodbreath Anaesthetic

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